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Do Not Proceed Beyond This Point

Let’s think a moment about what is required of a good company director in terms of mindset, effort, skill and risk.  Yes, we agree that past experience is the greatest of teachers, but in a curriculum of many subjects itRead More ›

Bamboo and Glass Ceiling – Do Asian Women Have Two Ceilings To Break Through?

The Bamboo Ceiling is a term relating to the lack of representation of leaders in Australian business’ from Asian backgrounds.  A 2013 DCA reports suggests a huge underrepresentation of women leaders from Asian backgrounds – 29 female versus 233 male. Read More ›

Is there a lack of employee engagement?

Recent data from Roy Morgan Research suggests that around half of all employees in Australia are considering a job move in the next 12 months. Does this reflect a lack of employee engagement? Leaving aside the search for a betterRead More ›

The difference between Mentoring and Coaching

The terms “mentoring” and “coaching” are often used interchangeably, but while there is some overlap between the two, they represent very different practices in the areas of career, leadership and professional development. The confusion is not helped by the abundanceRead More ›

Help! I’m having a Mother of an Identity Crisis

I recently heard a wonderful interview with Sibylla Stephen (from the band, Little Stevies) who was talking about the concept of identity and how we define ourselves.  Her comments and blog got me thinking about professional identity and the dualRead More ›

Debating Board Diversity: Part 2 – From Thought to Culture

Where is the debate on board diversity heading?  In Part 1, we took issue with the current (albeit understandable) focus on gender representation, which we argued risks narrowing the discussion. In this concluding article, we offer some other perspectives onRead More ›

Debating Board Diversity: Part 1 – Challenging the Gender Bias?

Everyone talks about diversity in the boardroom – but could our use of labels actually narrow the debate?  One day it may be gender, the next it may be race, or even age; and if we dig deep enough weRead More ›

Mothers Increase Productivity – Seems Like a No Brainer to Me…

Can women with children really change the nation’s balance sheet? The Grattan Institute argues that if workplace participation of women increased by only 6% our GDP would be $25 billion higher. I find that figure both completely staggering and totallyRead More ›

Beam me up Scotty – I think I’ve just landed in the wrong job!

Ever had that nausea-inducing feeling when you realize that the shiny new job you just spent all your time and effort to secure is not all it was cracked up to be? Should you persevere and try to make aRead More ›

Delayering, obsolescence, Kodak and you

I know a very smart and enterprising young woman working in publishing who has taken to using disposable film cameras. She has found a regular source of supply and has discovered the joy of photography as it was in theRead More ›

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